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Senator Obama takes Manhattan today, just like the Muppets did! Only instead of Kermit and Miss Piggy, it's Sen. Obama and Mayor Bloomberg who are "Together Again." Personally, I think it's great. I can't think of anything America needs more right now than a national 3-1-1 — except maybe another Muppets movie!

After being introduced by Bloomberg this morning at Cooper Union for a speech on the economy, Obama was off to CNBC for some luvin' from that money honey, Maria Bartiromo.

And if all of that money talk wasn't enough for you, there's an evening fundraiser, if you got $2,300 for a plate. I just hope none of those Wall St. wizkids were planning on using their Bear Stearns stock to pay for the meal.

Personally, as one of Obama's million little donors, I can't help but feel a little left out today. I guess I'll just have to try my luck at his lottery for a sit down dinner with the man from Kansas/Hawaii/Indonesia/Columbia/Chicago himself.

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