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Stevie wonders, Who'll win election?

By Dan

The BlackBerry's dying as Stevie Wonder takes the stage.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine reminded the crowd how lucky we are that he was passed over for veep. He quoted the Gospel of Matthew about mustard seeds and mountains. And he touched on his work in Honduras during law school, before leading the crowd in a chant of "Move Mountain."

Gov. Bill Richardson took the stage next and reminded us that he really wants to be Secretary of State. He delivered a good line about McCain paying "hundreds of dollars for his shoes but we're the ones who will pay for his flip-flops" on any number of issues, including what is and is not torture.

Richardson went on to remind the crowd about what's at stake in this election for union members and the Constitution, civil liberties, the war on terrorism and securing loose nukes.

He ended by asking, "Is anyone going to miss Dick Cheney?" To which the entire stadium responded in unison, "NO!"

The stadium is filling up quickly as we wait for the nights all-stars to come and speak.

More after the parties end tonight!

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