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Subliminal campaigning: Get it?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Peter Brookes, Times Online, UK

By LaShawnda

Did you scratch your head with a, huh? when Hillary Clinton suggested she would consider Barack Obama as her running mate a few weeks ago? Did your head tilt to the side when the former First Lady retold her commando combat moment in Bosnia as she evaded enemy sniper fire?

Perhaps your heart tugged a bit when her eyes watered in New Hampshire.

And maybe you cheered when she strongly suggested the media wasn’t playing fair by catering more to Obama.

Have you noticed Barack Obama hasn’t done anything remotely offensive or antagonistic? Hillary has been running a slash and cut (or in Bill’s word, clipping) campaign offense, while painting herself in the woe-is-me victim to Obama’s big-ole-bully campaign defense. Her strategy has been so successful that every time Obama responds to her attacks he is assigned equal blame for the nasty turn this campaign is taking. She’s brilliant! But we knew that.

(continued) When I finally got what she was doing, I slapped my forehead with a big, duh! Her technique’s have been tried and have worked in the past. I’m surprised people have remained under her spell for so long. I struggled out from under the Clinton hypnosis last October. Hillary’s simple tactic of repeating a statement in multiple news cycles and venues allows it’s airing to the population and eventually some people begin to accept her words true statements. The reality of a situation is ignored. And she is closer to achieving her end-hope (despite mocking Obama’s hope, she’s full of it) of her not-quite-so-true-statement becoming true. She says she’s a fighter, but she wants us to perceive her as generous, courageous, compassionate and strong leader. However, she is showing us she’s ruthless, underhanded and manipulative. I admit I was encouraged by her passion, moved by her tears and yes, I even admire her tenacity and determination in pursuing the presidency. I just don’t respect her for the way in which she’s doing it.

Stay awake, people! We have to remain diligent in our expectation for something better than we’ve had before.

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