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Superdelegates un-Democratic

By Jeff

The big mistake that the Democrats have made is their proportional method of assigning delegates. It’s just made it nearly impossible for either candidate to pull ahead. Continuing to do it this way will enable a lengthened primary season, and we’ve seen that the longer a race, the more it devolves into petty attacks. That only makes both candidates look worse.

The whole idea of “superdelegates” strikes me as extremely un-Democratic (meaning the party; not the adjective). The Democratic party is supposed to be the champion of the little folks; the downtrodden; making sure that everyone that all the evil Republicans ignore, gets a real voice. The Republicans are supposed to be the party where the elite sets the rules and everyone else just falls in line or gets trampled.

Yet, the Democrats have made it so less than 800 people control 20 percent of the possible Democratic delegates. If the delegates want to stereotypical “evil, selfish Republicans," they can withhold their vote and use it as a bargaining chip to cull favor with the eventual nominee (gee, I wonder why over 25 percent of superdelegates haven’t committed yet).

(continued) The Democrats should either have no superdelegates or all superdelegates. By trying to please everyone with a complex method to allocate votes, they’ve just annoyed everyone.

In regards to which state should go first, I really couldn’t care less. I guess it makes sense to have some of the smaller states have their primaries go first to have greater influence or else candidates will only campaign (and make promises) in major swing states. But regardless of the rules, abide by them. Florida and Michigan should have no delegates sat at the election. When people complain, blame the party elders in those states. They are the ones that ignored the rules knowing what would be the consequences. This debacle around Michigan and Florida is laughable. Clinton agreed to rules, ignored them, and then got the DNC to change them. It’s horrible, and now that they’ve caved in, other states have every reason to just ignore the DNC rules in the next election.

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