Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

Tearing up as family talk escalates

Lynne: dude, Obama-Biden don't support gay marriage either.

"champ" -- say it ain't so, joe

Kimberly: hmmm, single parent stuff is interesting

Dontre: it's not about MARRIAGE, it's about RIGHTS

she said she's tolerant, dude

Lynne: these two crack me up.

Bragg: (that was his nickname growing up)

Adrian: Biden, SHUT UP!

Dontre: Did he just tear up?

Bragg: he did

Dontre: Oh. My. God!

Kimberly: he's attempting to connect with the "common man"

Lynne: yeah, the right to get married.

Dontre: No, the right to visit a dying partner

the right to have insurance benefits

the right to even HAVE insurance when one is HIV+

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