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The Audacity of the Oilman

By LaShawnda

A few weeks ago I paused in my channel surfing to catch the tail-end of an interview with T. Boone Pickens. His name was scrawled across the screen and I must admit, it was the name that caught my attention. I have two uncles with similar names, one is called Boone and the other goes by T-Bone. So seeing the name T. Boone on a 24-hour news network was, at first, a bit startling.

After a short while of listening, I was a bit impressed by this man’s audacity, his self-assurance and his confidence. But most impressive was sales prowess. He was being interviewed about his new energy plan proposal for the United States, but he wasn’t sharing any details — not until a later date. The interviewer asked him which presidential candidate he was interested in meeting with to discuss his Pickens Plan. Mr. Pickens, said, “I won’t meet with either unless I meet with them both at the same time.”

Call me a sucker, but that statement made an impression. The oilman is campaigning like a politician. He even has TV ads outlining the problem and suggesting his solutions, not to mention he’s been doing the media circuit like he’s seeking office, perhaps Secretary of Energy ...

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