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The McCainPedia

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By LaShawnda

Here’s an interesting concept: a Web site dedicated to opposition research. (i.e. John McCain is the opposition; I’m in favor of Barack Obama).

The Democratic party created a Wiki on McCain in their continued effort to use the Internet to change the political process, scope and the participation of citizens.

Apparently, they were asking the same questions voters are asking: Where does McCain stand on the pertinent issues of the 2008 presidential election as opposed to Obama’s more fruitful agenda?

(continued) The Dem party’s answer was to force transparency on the not-quite-forthcoming Republican presidential candidate.

Note to John McCain: Hey, I appreciate your willingness to collaborate with Dems on legislation, but, mmmm ... well, see, I’m really not interested in being represented by you abroad.

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