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The Politirazzi enjoy Spain, but don't know why the candidates are bringing it up

Lynne: Women's rights!

Dontre: What is THAT about?

I really need to know!

What's wrong with Spain?

Bragg: first i've heard of that

Lynne: Biden was doing well, except sending a high-ranking official ISN'T the same as the president going himself

Dontre: I used to live in Spain, it's wonderful.

Adrian: I ran with the bulls this year in Pamplona

It was awesome

Dontre: I've heard it THREE times now

Adrian: So was Spain!

Dontre: I need to research this.

Lynne: I took the ferry from Spain to Morocco. Gorgeous.

Bragg: oh i believe he must have said it -- just didn't know about it.

Dontre: As did I!!

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