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The silliest of silly seasons

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Obama and grandparents

By Dan

Days after Obama gave his historic speech on race in Philadelphia, he went on a local Philly sports-talk radio show and referred to his grandmother as "a typical white person". No sooner had the audio hit the interwebs, than a bunch of white, middle-aged partisan Clinton supporters, added and abetted by the white, middle-aged political punditocracy, jumped all over his statement as a perceived slight to the woman who helped raise him.

"Oh!", they cried, "what if Hillary Clinton had referred to 'a typical Black person?' " Indeed. As if all discussion of race were created equal. As if power dynamics in a multiracial society don't have any mitigating effect on who is able to say what about whom, and what it all means. There is a difference between the two statements, one uttered on the radio, and the other made up in people's minds. And anyone with an open mind can see, Obama loves his grandmothers, both of them!

But it's silly season in politics, so better the partisans and pundits question Sen. Obama's love for his family than deal with the real issues surrounding race in America.

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