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These boys came to play

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By Emily

And they brought their A game. Tonight's debate had little of the courtesy that Joe Biden and Sarah Palin so carefully exhibited last week. Both Barack Obama and John McCain attacked readily and with more substance than in their first debate.

They dodged questions, but they also established distinctly separate foreign policy doctrines. It was their chance to test out their views on the United States' fragile friendships with Pakistan and Russia, and they seized it.

Both men were also completely unafraid to be themselves tonight. McCain was generous in doling out the "my friends," and Obama with the sardonic smiles.

Tonight's winner (barely, as McCain wisely resisted personal attacks in linking Obama to William Ayers) was Barack Obama, in my opinion. Playing offense, attacking McCain -- even talking his way out of questions -- made him seem a presidential figure.

Showing off his knowledge on Middle Eastern affairs, particularly criticizing our country's coddling of the Pakistani government, effectively painted him as the level-headed commander in chief many Americans were afraid he could never be.

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