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Triple threat for McCain; one big threat for Obama

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Capitalizing on the oil-drilling debate, Sen. John McCain tours the Chevron Genesis Oil Rig Platform on Tuesday in the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans. (AP)

By Amara

The suave savior, Barack Obama, otherwise known as “The One,” has reason to be nervous after the past few weeks. John McCain, no doubt less telegenic, has hit Obama with a one-two punch on the issues and TKO in a forum proving the old adage that you can get by on charm for 10 minutes — after that, you better have something to back it up.

We can start with the issue of offshore drilling. The issue has left Barack Obama two-faced as he decides whether to cave into his liberal, Pelosi-like base or the 70 percent of America that agrees we should drill. Now, even as part of said 70 percent, I understand we won’t obtain the oil tomorrow. Still, drilling, as McCain understands, does drive down oil prices even before we have it physically.

This was best explained by Harvard Professor Martin Feldstein in the Wall Street Journal, when he said that the nature of the relationship between current and future oil prices implies that the expectation that we will have more oil will drive down oil prices today. Therefore, steps taken now to increase the future supply of oil can lead both to lower prices and increased consumption now. McCain’s assertion that we need to drill here and we need to drill now is not empty — and the American people know that.

(continued) Moving on (and across the ocean) to issue No. 2: Georgia. Obama’s “measured, careful” response that both sides need to practice restraint proves he lacks judgment, clarity, leadership and the ability to decide between right and wrong. McCain firmly stood behind Georgia and its budding democracy against the bully of the Kremlin. No equivocating, simply "this is right, this is wrong, let’s get something done." Subsequently, McCain’s popularity grew among poll respondents when they were asked who is more ready to be commander-in-chief.

The knock-out came last Saturday at Saddleback as Pastor Rick Warren questioned the two presidential hopefuls. I won’t rehash all their responses, but suffice it to say that the Obama camp was uneasy enough after comparing the two performances to make accusations that McCain heard the questions being asked of Obama and, therefore, was able to give a better performance. No, Team Obama, McCain simply outshone your superstar. Whether it was about the right to life, the existence of evil or moral failings, no question was wrapped in time-biding rhetoric or above Sen. McCain’s pay grade. Watch out for the debates ...

Full disclosure: McCain has never been my guy (see bio). On the issues, however, he is so obviously better equipped to handle the presidency and all of the issues surrounding it than Obama may ever be and the polls show it. Eleven polls in key states show McCain ahead of Obama. And nationally, The One is now only ahead by 3.2 points — well within the margin of error. Considering this is a year that should be a cakewalk for Democrats, the savior’s followers could start to sweat more than they have all summer as the fall rolls around.

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