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Troubled economy, bring on the substance

By Emily

Wall Street’s woes have bumped off all that lipstick fluff out of the headlines, forcing the presidential nominees to turn their stump speeches to matters of pure and sweet substance.

While neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are likely to present full-fledged plans to bail out the economy (what’s the point of turning impatient voters on to a long-term solution?), they’ll make fringe comments. “We need an oversight committee.” “We have to see the details of the $700 billion proposal.”

Whatever their input, I think I speak for much of Politirazzi when I say: Bring on the substance. After all, the only manner in which the candidates are making waves are with which economic experts they’re bringing on to the campaign and how economics are affecting the polls. I’ve even heard an analysis say the next Secretary of the Treasury will be a more important decision than the next U.S. president.

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