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Upon Further Review

By David

Well, I'm just grateful that no one on this blog was ever so foolish as to suggest that Jim Webb should have been V.P.

Because they would seem really foolish right now.

But seriously, despite all the speculation about Webb's Shermanesque stand yesterday, my guess is that what happened was that the Webb folks started to get the sense that they weren't going to get the nod, and wanted to put the kibbosh on it before the Webb-for-Vice President movement got any more traction or inspired any more foolish blog posts.

And in the sobering light of July, Webb does make less sense. Yes, he would have been able to connect with downscale whites, but he has less Senate service than Obama, so doesn't help with the experience question, and his long-ago description of the Naval Academy as "a horny woman's dream" wouldn't have endeared Obama to the scorned Hillaristas.

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