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Wasn't he supposed to be in Washington?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Dontre

Yesterday, McCain attempted to convince us that is presence in Washington was so needed that he was immediately suspending his campaign, calling for a postponement to the presidential debates (and subsequently, the vice presidential debates ... like we didn't see that coming, and returning to Washington. The state of the country rested solely on him!

So, I'm a little confused as to why McCain bypassed Washington and came to New York to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative. By doing so, did he not lose valuable, precious time for him to work his magic in the halls of Congress? Or does he plan to walk onto the floor and maneuver the vote at the 11th hour?

Whereas the Republicans may try to paint their candidate as the candidate more concerned with the economy, the rest of us are blindingly aware of his ploy. Clearly, he knows how to prioritize, and a sidestop to the Clinton Global Initiative is not only a political move, it also puts him in the same town as his vice presidential candidate, only hours after requests were made for her debate to be postponed.

But, he better hurry down to Washington, he only has 24 hours to save the world!

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