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What I Hope is the Last Time I Have to Talk About 'Unifying the Democrats'

By Meg

1. What will Clinton have to do/say to get her supporters to also throw their weight behind Obama?

Nothing. Sure, there will be some who refuse to vote for Obama because he’s not Hillary, just like there will be some Americans who will refuse to vote for Obama because he is black, some who refused to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman and some who will refuse to vote for McCain because ... I don’t know, they think he’s an alien or something.

There are always exceptions to every rule, but most Democrats are going to vote for the Democrat. They’re angry now, which is fine, but they will get over it.

Example: I watched Hillary’s fantastic concession speech (the real one) with a group of die-hard Hillary supporters, one of whom started chanting “Denver!” when Hillary took the podium. An hour later, they were all vowing to vote for Obama. We’re talking about people who were wearing Hillary buttons pinned to Hillary T-shirts. There was signage involved. But they turned pretty quickly. The majority of her supporters will do the same.

(continued) 2. What will Obama have to do/say to win these votes?

See above, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to kiss her ass a little. But just a little.

3. What will Sen. McCain have to do/say to nick Clinton supporters away from Obama?

Let’s first work on attracting those Evangelicals who think you’re the devil, Johnny.

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