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Who's more middle class?

Dontre: So was the stupid assertion: John McCain knows how to win a war!

There it is! The BUSH DOCTRINE.

Adrian: Ahh

Dontre: Oh, now they've multiplied

Dontre: a TEAM of mavericks.

Emily: Whenever anyone says Main Street now, I lose it.

Dontre: Isn't Wasilla Alaska's drug capital?

Adrian: Palin: please don't remind people you were, just two years ago, mayor of a city of 9000.

Dontre: I don't know if I want THAT Main Street on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kimberly: government is like the lamo boyfriend who steals your money and doesn't refill the Brita

Lynne: Palin's taking on Biden's reputation as the middle class guy.


Kimberly: ;)

she's really speaking to me now

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