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Why Obama's a media darling

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By LaShawnda

People have an obsession with youth and beauty. Both of course, are relative.

Barack Obama may not be the most handsome man to run for office, however his ideas, persona and the character he presents to us are beautiful. There is a pureness in his rhetoric that keeps him young enough to talk to visionaries and wise enough to have discourse with world leaders. We haven’t seen such pureness in politics since Paul wrote his letters from a Roman prison cell. I can honestly believe that Obama will honestly try his hardest to accomplish everything he put words to.

The media love heroes. Heroes are relative, too. But media has a knack of building public figures up and relishing their fall. The directness, truth and honesty Obama represents make him the antithesis of George W. Bush, America’s anti-hero.

Obama-man is a ray of hope and preferred choice over the angry McCain Hulk and other members of the Legion of Doom.

Sen. Barack Obama may not seem like much to some. He may be a big deal to many. But no matter what angle you’re looking at him from, he’s an inspiration. For those who belittle him, he inspired them to fear his meteoric rise and the change he is capable of inspiring people to make. For those who support him, well, we’re inspired by his voice and vision and the fact that he speaks to our hope for our future.

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