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Why Wright's so wrong

By Jeff

When the question was posed to me as to which ridiculous spectacle of the campaign annoyed me the most, my first reaction was, “can it be ‘all of the above'?” I finally settled on the pretty obvious Jeremiah Wright situation. First, the subject really had little to do with Sen. Obama but was given a lot of press just because of the incendiary tone of Wright’s comments. The clearly hostile-to-white America comments do not come close to sounding anything like anything ever being attributed to Obama in his life. In fact, Obama had already distanced himself from Wright in February of 2007, well before the public controversy erupted. Additionally, Obama immediately and repeatedly said that Wright did not speak for him or his campaign. So I really don’t know why people kept harping on Obama. What else was he supposed to do and say to convey the message that he disagreed with Reverend Wright?

(continued) The other part that really bothered me was the knowledge that I’m now going to be subject to Reverend Wright’s insanity for the foreseeable future. Sadly, like the loathsome Al Sharpton, he will now search out and find cameras any time there is any news that can be twisted and a racial divide can be created. He and Sharpton will continue to create racial issues where one does not exist, foster animus between the races when it benefits them financially, and in general, hurt race relations in this country by exploiting ignorance and fear just so they can get more publicity and power. And even worse, news organizations will search him out, not because they think he’s a voice of the black community, but because they know he’s going to say some incendiary stupid comment, that is going to get people all riled up and get ratings.

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