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Winning by not losing — the Sarah Palin story

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Adrian

She wins by default! Sarah Palin did not win last night’s debate, let’s be clear about that. What she did was speak to the core base of the Republican party. She looked like “a good ol' girl” as we’d say back in Texas.

She was “one of us” and a true “red, white and blue American” like our beloved Ronnie. Still, I think most people will view her rambling, obviously rehearsed answers, and her complete lack of skill in handling issues on an in depth level as a death knell to the idea of her being the president of the United States.

Let’s be realistic, John McCain is as old as Methuselah! If he has a heart attack guess who would be in charge? Who would you trust more with nuclear weapons, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Sarah Palin? Back on issue, the expectations of Gov. Palin were so low that she did remarkably well.

For my part, I think the highest political position she should hold is president of the PTA. Oh, I forgot, she likes to ban books. Never mind ...

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