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With friends like these

By LaShawnda

With friends like these, you don’t need opponents!

The Elite 6

Four of Sarah Palin’s closest friends were interviewed last week on “Good Morning America.” They stated, among other things, that they don’t agree with her politics, they support and love Gov. Palin as a friend but one does not know who she will vote for, another has never voted Republican in a presidential election, another said her vote is between herself and the voting booth. Only one said she’s voting for McCain-Palin. Overall, they said they rarely talk politics with their governor friend of 15 years.

Not ready for corp, but ready for country?

Carly Fiorina must have campaign fatigue. She didn’t seem to grasp that running a major corporation was actually less responsibility than heading the government of the United States of America. She quite bluntly stated that she does not think Gov. Sarah Palin is qualified to run a corporation. She said this while campaigning for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Question: If one’s own adviser doesn’t have faith in their leadership skills and ability to run a corporation, should we, the People, entrust ourselves to that same individual?

Suffering from Depression?

A supporter of the McCain-Palin ticket wrote in to a blog written as a disgusted response to Keith Obermann scoffing at Sarah Palin installing an industrial tanning bed in the governor’s mansion. The reader wrote in to explain that his wife is from Alaska and she, too, owned a tanning bed. But it wasn’t for the tan, you uncouth idiots! It helped her with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression.

I’ve been known to claim some form of depression to explain a shopping spree here or there. However, the best defense is a good offense. Then again, was any explanation necessary? Who cares? There’s a bowling alley in the White House. Homes are updated all the time for their new inhabitants.

McCain and Palin might want to adamantly tell their advisors and supporters to stop speaking on their behalf. Their good intentions are not paving the road McCain and Palin envisioned.

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