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Yay for affirmative action questions, boo to tax-cut plan

I considered the Democratic debate (possibly the very last one this season between Obama and Clinton) a tie between the two, as Adrian said.

My favorite discussion: Affirmative action.

Loved Obama's comments on race as a diminishing factor in school admissions and the job sector. He doesn't want quotas. My high school in Chicago (some school as Michelle Obama) was rigidly apportioned: 40 percent black, 20 percent white, 20 percent Hispanic, 20 percent Asian. Socio-economical status should have played a factor. There was black students living right down the block from my inner-city school who weren't able to attend because the other race quotas had to be filled.

Clinton made sure to talk about "disadvantaged backgrounds" rather than race. Good. Lower-income families may be more disadvantage than minority race ones.

Least favorite discussion: Tax cuts

Both Obama and Clinton are looking pretty bad if they consider middle-class to be that making less than $250,000. For all his pricey haircuts, at least, Sen. John Edwards had a poverty. I live in New York City and have a full-time job, but I'm definitely no where near $250,000. To steal Meg's words: According to the elitist candidates, I live "in abject, hopeless poverty."


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