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Mac comes in last

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Dan's last choice

I like the idea of instant runoff voting. The candidates I tend to gravitate to are generally the ones who poll between 1 to 3 percent nationally. This is the first time in a long time my guy is leading. So looking at the remaining 3 major candidates for president, it's pretty easy for me to rank my choices. John McCain has got to be my last choice for president.


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Clinton's a bad choice for Dems

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Bilal's not a fan.

By Bilal

That for me would be Hillary "road to hell" Clinton. I'm an Independent with a Democrat tilt, but with Hillary as their nominee, I will distance myself from the Democrats for good.

Being against Hillary might automatically be construed as male chauvinism, but that is not true. I believe women can be leaders; I just don't see Hillary as the right...

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None of the frontrunners should lead country

By Lynne

Last year, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney left the Democratic party and decided to seek the Green party presidential nomination. Last month, Ralph Nader announced his fourth presidential run, his second as an Independent. Last week, former Senator Mike Gravel announced that he was leaving the Democratic party and seeking the Libertarian party nomination.

But the two-party...

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Hillary shouldn't win, a poem

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Clinton family friend and political pundit James Carville

She advocates for pantsuits, but not for homemade cookies,

Trusts Maggie Williams and her predatory sub-prime bookies,

“Every state matters”, but only when she wins it,

Which is why Michigan and Florida just must be made legit.

If Florida matters so much to her, she can eventually retire like...

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Hillary, McCain race will be hard choice

By Meg

I’ve been arguing with myself for some time now about whether McCain or Clinton is the lesser of two evils (or the evil of two lessers). If La Clinton wins the Democratic nomination — which I still think is a possibility — I’ll have a hard time deciding whether to vote for her or Senator McCain. Let’s take a look at where the debate (the one in my own head)...

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Hillary, a polarizing figure

By Matt

Hillary Clinton is the candidate I’d least like to see taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009. I fear that a Clinton victory could again paralyze Washington — if not because of scandal, then because of the potential for renewed enmity and the re-opening of bitter wounds left by her husband’s terms in office. For better or worse, rightly or wrongly, Bill and Hillary...

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Divisive Clinton shouldn't win

Hillary Clinton. While this may sound misogynistic, it has nothing to do with her sex. She is, in a word, divisive. Asking people if they're for Hillary is almost as bad as asking them if they agree with Roe v. Wade. We may see the South try and secede again if she is elected. She exudes a sense of uninhibited ambition that leads her to pay any price to win. Her second of humanity and a few tear...

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Hillary's too selfish, arrogant

By Jeff

Like much of the rest of America, out of the three remaining candidates, Hillary Clinton is the person I'd least want to be president. Her campaign comprises nearly 100 percent of the people in the country who don't realize this fact.

First, and most broadly — I just loathe her personally. She's just immensely selfish and arrogant; she knows what's best for everyone and...

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Vote McCain off the island

By Kimberly

Technically speaking, I am assuming that one of “the three main presidential candidates” we are to comment on would have to be Ralph Nader, but for the sake of entertainment purposes I’ll pretend that we are talking Mac, Barack and Hil. Of this universe to choose from, I would vote McCain off the proverbial island.

“But what do you have against...

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Hillary trumps Mac for last

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By LaShawnda

It pains me to say this — as my answer, six months ago, would have been an absolute: McCain trails a distant third. But now, I would least like to see Hillary Clinton run the country.

McCain for all his wrong-thinking, in regards to our invasion of Iraq and continued occupation has at least remained consistent in his viewpoints and allowed us to follow his thought...

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