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Double-digit diss

(Credit: Politirazzi)

She's not yawning; she's making an "awww yeahhh" gesture. (AP)

The numbers game. It's petty, but maybe you'll think it's funny?

All the press and hoopla over Sen. Hillary Clinton's double-digit defeat of Sen. Barack Obama in Pennsylvania is technically ... wrong.

The margin of defeat is 9.2 percent, according to state returns. Don't know what the margin of error is, but...

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Obama best shot for Dems

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Adrian

Hilary Clinton is, for at least the second time this election season, touting herself as the “Comeback Kid.” Tout yourself all you want, Hilary, but the Democrat with the best chance to win in the fall is still Barack Obama. Here’s my analysis of the math:

Clinton has won several big primary states, but Obama is winning where it counts — in the heart...

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Mac wants ad dropped; Thursday's Trail Mix

JOHN pleads to GOP to drop N.C. ad

An ad slated to hit North Carolinian televisions is targeting Democratic candidates for the governor seat and evoking Sen. Barack Obama and the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Well, Sen. John McCain won’t have it. The Republican candidate wrote a letter to the state GOP, requesting that the ad be pulled. It “degrades our civics and distracts...

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Does campaigning work?

by David

One amazing thing about this race that's full of amazing things, is how little has changed since the campaign began late last year.

In pretty much every state, Obama gets the young, the well-educated and black voters. Clinton get the old, the less-affluent and women.

No amount of polling, attacks ads or scandals has been able to change that.

Not sure what the lesson...

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I've never been so sad about being right

(Credit: Politirazzi)


Leave it to the Post to blow things out of proportion.

-- Meg...

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Hillary dents Barack's delegate count

On to the next primaries and more scrutiny of each other's every statements.

Sen. Hillary Clinton emerged victorious tonight in the Pennsylvania. The Associated Press, with 98 percent of precincts reporting, showed Clinton to be winning 55 percent of the vote to Sen. Barack Obama's 45 percent. It's not a large enough margin for Clinton to perform any sort of endzone victory dance, but she...

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Obama ad contest

I wanted to share this contest put on by moveon.org called Obama in 30 Seconds where people can enter a homemade 30 second spot in favor of Obama with the chance to have it aired nationally and also win a camera and editing equipment. But if you're more of a voyeur, you can simply go to the website and vote on your favorite ad.

This one is by far my favorite.

Which is yours?


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Whose country?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Did both of these guys just come out to the same Cougar song?

Wow, the differences really are small.

Or, this campaign has gone waaayyyy too long.

Or both....

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In defense of affirmative action

By LaShawnda

I’ve always been puzzled by anti-affirmative action people. Affirmative action has never been about taking away from people who already have. It’s about providing opportunities for those who don’t have. Whether people want to admit it or not, American society is biased. It is biased, primarily, in favor of white males with black women primarily seen as non-competitors,...

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An upset in Pa.?

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By LaShawnda

The Pa. primary is going to be an upset for Hillary. She’s banking too much on the perceived ignorance of the public and their lack of interest in the political process. I think she’ll have a rude awakening in the morning. Obama will win, albeit by a 1-3 points. It’ll be a close race, but I think Obama has gained on Clinton much more than...

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