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Yay for affirmative action questions, boo to tax-cut plan

I considered the Democratic debate (possibly the very last one this season between Obama and Clinton) a tie between the two, as

Adrian said


My favorite discussion: Affirmative action.

Loved Obama's comments on race as a diminishing factor in school admissions and the job sector. He doesn't want quotas. My high school in Chicago (some school...

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Use Bush???

(Credit: Politirazzi)


Hillary admitted to the need for careful thought on how she would possibly use GW Bush during her administration.

And Obama gave a thoughtful reply. He would prefer to use Bush Sr because he implemented wise foreign policy during his administration.

They both answered better than I would’ve, i.e., Hell-to-the-NAW!...

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Adrian's call: It's a draw

Clinton is a fighter, not uniter. Hillary — after 16 years and 20 debates, all we know is that you favor universal health care and you’ve been attacked by the Republicans for almost two decades.

Notice issues that were not mentioned this debate. Not a word on immigration. No word on the defense budget. Very little said about religion, other than Obama’s comment.

No clear...

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Clinton has more tangible results

Hillary should play up her experience, her command of foreign and domestic policy, and her well-established cache of service.

She can point to tangible results in a way that Obama cannot; she has allies on both side of the aisles; and her ideas are shaped within the confines of the political system that operates not on idealism and pretty language, but on commonsensical resolve to uphold...

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Obama's view squares with Dan's

These closing statements are as bad as the questions have been throughout this debate. I hope it really is the last one. Obama at least mentions "change from the bottom up" and that is honestly the difference between the two. Theories of change abound, but Obama's squares most with mine, and in my experience, with most young people's view of their government and how it should respond to its citizens.


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Penniless Meg's lesson learned

So what did we learn tonight? I learned that, if someone who makes $199,000 per year is part of the middle class, I am apparently living in abject, hopeless poverty.



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Hillary says yes to affirmative action

Hillary is for affirmative action. In one of the few very straight answers she said we should “create conditions to allow people to live up to their God-given potential. Let’s affirmatively invest in our young people.” Great answer, Hillary! I think I just heard a snippet from the Hillary I used to love and support.



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Bill will be an asset

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Having a husband as a former president is not a detriment. Arguably the best of the last five presidents, Bill was a huge asset to this country and his counsel is still sought by the Party; there's nothing to say that his political advice would hurt our country with Hillary in the White House.



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Bush should handle infrastructure repair

The best way to "use" President Bush after he's out of office? Get him to get all his rangers and pioneers and other bundlers to raise money for national priorities, like infrastructure repair.

I mean, they weren't just donating for the access to power, were they?



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Individual right does not negate state or federal constraint

Obama suggests a “common sense approach to handling guns on the streets. Get beyond politics, figure out what is working.” Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp? Because, common sense isn’t so common.

Clinton agrees with sensible regulation consistent with constitutional right to bear arms. She does not support a federal blanket on gun regulation. I agree with...

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