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Not Quite Politically Correct

By Kimberly

In a time when we should be zooming around in jet packs and wearing shiny clothing, we sure are seeing every kind of “–ism” rear its ugly head in 2008. After Kerry’s loss in 2004, nearly all Dems shook their fists in ire and vowed that next time around we would put up someone electable, unlike Kerry who was pegged as the Starbucks-drinking, windsurfing, French-speaking,...

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A candidate by any other typeface ...

Sexism v. Racism: Is there really a winner?

How Obama Should Respond to Bush

By Adrian

President Bush has been known for politicizing any event, be it a college commencement, anniversary of 9/11 or a state visit. It’s no surprise that he injected himself into the 2008 election today by comparing those who “believe we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals” to Hitler appeasers before World War II. This cannot be seen as anything but a swipe...

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Graduate of the Clinton School of Politics

By LaShawnda

Bush sounds like he has a new speech writer. I was somewhat impressed by his history references in his speech to Israel’s Knesset on Thursday. I had to reread his statements a couple of times because they were rather stronger (and dare I say more intelligently presented -- word choice and usage, not content -- than most of the stuff he parrots). He came out strong,...

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"Doctor Who" and politics

Old McCain, old joke

McCain “panda-ing” to the left

Holy endorsement, Barack!

MSNBC and CNN are both reporting that Sen. John Edwards will endorse Obama tonight at a campaign event in Michigan.

Never thought I'd see that happen. Guess who'll be glued to her TV tonight!

— Meg...

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Took him long enough

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