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Obama and that 'Curious' t-shirt

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Latest on the

Obama/Curious George T-shirt controversy


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

, the publisher who owns the rights to the cartoon monkey, is thinking over its legal options.

According to reports, spokesman Rick Blake said: "We find it offensive and obviously utterly out of keeping with the value

Curious George represents. We're monitoring the situation...

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Even more candidate tattoo news


not the only one reading up on permanent body art.

Check out this exchange with

Sen. Barack Obama in Oregon:

Question: "If you had a tattoo, what would it be and where would you put it?"

Obama: "Uh, I cannot imagine any circumstances in which I would get a tattoo."

— Emily...

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You Do Know Tattoos Are Forever, Right?

Strange but true: A tattoo artist offered a

free inking of Hillary’s face

to any takers at a recent tattoo convention in Baltimore. It will certainly hold up longer than a Hillary for President travel mug.

Personally, I’m not letting someone named Buffalo Bill go anywhere near my skin.

— Meg...

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GOP: Common side effects includeÂ…

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By Kimberly

Are these symptoms of an immanent Democratic Administration interfering with your life?

• Not involved with family and friends the way you used to be?

• Low energy, fatigue?

• Not motivated to do the things you once looked forward to doing?

• Not feeling as good as you used to?

The National Republican Congressional...

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By Meg

Hillary will win West Virginia tomorrow night by a huge margin (“Oh, really, Meg? How incredibly astute. I never would have guessed that!”). She’ll give a rousing victory speech, but the press will not bite (nor will the superdelegates). I think we all know it’s over.

Since my prediction above was so pathetically obvious, I’m going to make it up to you...

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A Libertarian for president

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By Meg

This one’s for you,




It’s official: Former Congressman

Bob Barr is running for president

— as a Libertarian! Curious what the two of you think about this. I personally don’t know much about the guy except that he hates former President Clinton and loves marijuana.

Sounds like every philosophy...

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Should she stay or should she go?

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"I didn't know she was going to be here," said Obama supporter Doris Smith, Monday in Charleston, W. Va. (AP)

By Adrian

People’s perception of Hillary Clinton hasn’t changed dramatically during the primaries. The right has long portrayed her as being zealously and shamelessly ambitious — and she has only affirmed their accusations....

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No more "Hill" polling

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By Kimberly

The writing is on the wall for Hillary, which I find a shame because, though I’ve been judgmental of her, I was actually leaning towards her proposed solutions. It’s not her major loss in North Carolina that sealed the deal, but the last nail in the coffin is the story that broke on Friday that Rasmussen Reports will

stop polling

people regarding Hillary’s...

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A case for NAFTA

By Jeff

Hillary Clinton is not winning the Democratic nomination. No way; no how. I soooooo need a break from the Democratic primary.

So instead, and since it appears as though I’m one of the few Politirazzi voices on “the right,” I’ll champion something that both Democratic candidates have been speaking out against: NAFTA, which has been a substantial benefit to...

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Monday's Trail Mix

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HILLARY would loan more to campaign

Sen. Hillary Clinton is “willing” to lend her presidential campaign more money if necessary, her campaign chairman said yesterday on “Meet the Press.” When asked whether the Clinton camp would repay all the debts, Terry McAuliffe answered, “We plan on it.” To date, the former first lady has lent...

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