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Stuck in Hillary's bunker

I thought I was being bratty when I fussed over not being able to call my editors during Sen. Clinton's speech at Baruch College. ("I'm underground! I can't live blog!") Turns out I wasn't the only one with complaints. To get cell phone reception that Tuesday, I had to maneuver through the huge crowd and up several flights of stairs to the ground level. It was a huge hassle to leave the...

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Obama takes his message to the South

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Kaine, Obama and Webb take the stage in Bristow, Va. (AP)

By Mike Thibert

On Tuesday, when Obama wrapped up the Democratic nomination, I received an e-mail from his listserv alerting me to the first rally of the general election being held about 30 miles west of D.C. in Vienna, Va. Never before had I been to a political rally, and never before had I been inspired enough to ever...

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Not-as-hot political love?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Emily

The Daily News compared the Michelle and Barack's fist bump, written on also by our Kim, to displays of love by Tipper and Al and Hillary and Bill.

Which couple looks the least toolish? You decide. (And pardon my bias.)

The Obamas punching it in

The Gores kissing or rather Al sucking out Tipper's soul

The Clintons dancing like my...

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McCain vs. Obama: To the Extreme!

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Meg

I’m still reeling from McCain’s awful speech from Tuesday night. It had all the passion and spirit of an elementary school production of "Stone Soup." The stiffness. The pauses as he struggled with the prompter. The overly rehearsed meter and intonation. That nervous smile (your mouth says, "yes, yes," John, but your eyes say, "no, no, no"). I expect more from McCain; nay,...

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Ending? Or Suspending?

By Dan

Rumors abound on the blogosphere and in some more respectable mainstream outlets about Sen. Clinton's imminent departure from the presidential primary. A race she has long since lost any chance of winning fairly.

It's OK, though. I understand as a past (and certainly future) supporter of many losing candidates that it can be hard for people to accept a loss is a loss is a loss....

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Clinton suspending campaign, endorsing Obama

Now that Sen. Obama has enough delegates for the dem nomination, Sen. Clinton is suspending her campaign and will endorse Obama on Friday, according to sources cited by the NY Times and CNN.

According to the Times, Democratic members of Congress urged her today to leave the race and allow the party to unite in support of Obama.

— Pete Catapano...

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Punch it in!

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Kim

And with a knock of the knuckles, Michelle and Barack gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes silently acknowledging the long overdue triumph of Obama’s victory as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Here’s the pic that’s been getting attention in the blogosphere with oohs and aahs about just how cute and truly in love the prospective first couple appears to...

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Anderson, you're not my boo ...

This was one of the funniest moments of political commentary I've heard in a long time.

Anderson Cooper was questioning Donna Brazile, a DNC member and superdelegate about Sen. Barack Obama. First, he asked if she was going to publicly declare her support of Obama. Her response: At this point, it really didn't matter. She went on to discuss Obama's June 3rd speech claiming victory...

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Whatever way you count it ... Obama wins

(Credit: Politirazzi)

(Cagle Post)

By LaShawnda

Sen. Hillary Clinton and her supporters have had some very creative math over the last few months. They created their own guidelines and criteria to come up with a premise for her claim to receiving more votes than anyone in the history of the American primary.

However, even with the DNC throwing her conciliatory bones of the Florida votes and...

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Dream ticket: A smart move?

By Dontre

With all of the political maneuvering going on, it would be wise to consider the ramifications of an Obama-Clinton matchup. Considering that the Illinois senator based his campaign on the politics of “change,” and directly painted the former first lady as an establishment candidate of old Washington, it would be antithetical to his campaign ideals to even think of adding...

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