Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

A plea to shorten the season

By Matt

Simply put, this primary season has gone on for too long. I personally have lost interest in the campaign as it has dragged on across these many months. The continued battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, instead of stoking my interest in the race, has had me asking myself when it will all end. In conversations with family and friends, this feeling seems to be somewhat common....

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Bronx Cheer at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee

By Kimberly

Glued to C-SPAN on this rainy Saturday, I witnessed the contentious spectacle that was the

DNC RBC meeting

in our nation’s capital. Hearing hecklers (totally a New Yorker, see below!) and partisan cheering abound, I almost felt cool witnessing this carnage first hand, though the real meat would have been to be in the closed door three-hour meetings that transpired...

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