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Downtime and no beer with which to pass it

Celebrities here and there at convention

More Dan, more Denver

By Dan

Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky comes on the stage and announces the end of the Bush administration in 145 days. She reminds the crowd how close we came in 2000 to preventing the Bush disaster. (Al Gore is scheduled to speak later. I wonder if he'll touch on that.)

She followed Ray Rivera who implored people to go to the phone banks located around the stadium and asks people to make...

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Dan's LIVE from Invesco

McCain to Obama: "Well done"

This is slated to air before, during and after Obama's speech tonight. Hmmm.


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This blog does condone drinking

Old school Obama family photos

Partying with Obama girl at the DNC

While we're trapped in the office, fellow online co-conspirator Mark LaMonica is hard at work at the Democratic convention in Denver.

I think he'll get to expense this bar tab.

* Click to see photos of 30 more celebrities partying at the Democratic convention--Spike Lee, Sean Penn, Ashley Judd, Chevy Chase, Kal Penn, Angela Bassett, Richard Dreyfuss, Moby, Daughtry, and more...

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Not yet over the Hil

By Lynne

In anticipation of another boring evening watching the Democratic National Convention, I went to see “Death Race” (hard to go wrong with Jason Statham and adrenaline-filled race scenes, especially at $5 Tuesdays at the Sunnyside Theater in Queens).

I thought perhaps Hillary Clinton’s speech might be a metaphorical car crash; but instead she was able to successfully...

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Ab-cell-utely predictable