Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

Headlining the Democratic convention

Daddy Yankee for McCain

Presidential endorsements: Celebrity weight

Political pests

Lost somewhere in all the Biden news was a very positive story for the

McCain camp. A Madagascar cockroach representing McCain beat an Obama roach

in a race in New Jersey last week.

Our favorite part is when the reporter says "voters aren't worried about the outcome." We're envision an Obama support who be worried about this: "Oh no, this doesn't bode well at all! I thought...

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Biden? Politirazzi didn't see it coming

Four out of 11 Politirazzi guessed Biden as Obama's VP pick. Pretty good?...

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Biden is Obama's pick for vice president slot

Obama's VP? We're waaaiting ...

Barack Obama is very good at this suspense bit, isn't it? Where are our text messages? How has the campaign contained the news this well? No leaks? None?

At least most major news organizations have reporters staked out the various candidates' work places and homes.

Apparently, the "OMG, I pckd my VP" message will come tonight or early tomorrow.

Politirazzi grows impatient ......

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So who is Chet Edwards? President Bush knows

GOP, Dem mystery missiles

Vice presidential picks: Our picks

Politirazzi makes its predictions (more to come), and we want to hear yours:


McCain: Tim Pawlenty

Obama: Kathleen Sebelius


McCain: Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Obama: Jack Reed


McCain: Mitt Romney

Obama: Joe Biden


McCain: Mitt Romney

Obama: Evan Bayh


McCain: Tom Ridge


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