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Figuring it out: The energy question

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Jeff

Since I am still currently undecided in regards which of the three main candidates I will be voting for (Obama, McCain or Barr), I will periodically be posting critiques of something that one of them said in the previous week. It could either be something I agree with that I don’t think is getting enough attention, or somewhere disagree.

This week is all about Obama. New...

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Happy Birthday, Barack

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Obamaniacs celebrate his big 4-7.

By Meg

I couldn’t possibly fashion an Internet round-up as comprehensive as our own Kim’s, but the coverage of Barack Obama’s 47th birthday yesterday made me wonder: How did Obama’s supporters choose to mark the anniversary of their savior’s birth? My need for instant gratification led me to do a quick and completely...

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Why Obama's a media darling

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By LaShawnda

People have an obsession with youth and beauty. Both of course, are relative.

Barack Obama may not be the most handsome man to run for office, however his ideas, persona and the character he presents to us are beautiful. There is a pureness in his rhetoric that keeps him young enough to talk to visionaries and wise enough to have discourse with...

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Time to bring the heat?

By David

In the primaries, when Hillary carped that Obama was woefully nice and naive and couldn't possibly be ready for the onslaught of the GOP in the general, Obama countered that he knew how to play the game, and always would fight fire with fire.

In the primary, he proved it, getting into a tit-for-tat over who was ready to do what at 3 a.m.

It's surprising then that the Obama...

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McCain, drop the cutesy

An open letter to Sen. John McCain

Dear Sen. McCain,

I write to implore you to be yourself. Be true to the stick-by-your-guns mentality that earned you Iowa and then the nomination.

Your attempts at clever, sarcasm-riddled tactics to win over the undecided are wasted. You are not the charming Sen. Barack Obama, nor should you want to be.

“Obama Energy Plan” tire...

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New McCain Spot: 'The One'

By Kim

I know I am sick of hearing about the McCain ad comparing Britney and Paris to Obama though I find it funny that Hollywood types are getting offended (re: “Obama is a rock star, not a celebrity, McCain, DUH!" )

But the latest ad from McCain to surface “The One” (seen below) now compares him to the second coming of Christ. I suppose the creative genius behind this...

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