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Let third parties debate

By Lynne

Just a few months ago, John McCain challenged Barack Obama to an entire series of town-hall-style debates.

Now, he wants to delay the first debate at the University of Mississippi.

Fine. There are several qualified candidates -- Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr have more experience in Congress than Obama -- who are ready to take the national stage and provide tens of millions...

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Wall Street bailout is just running in circles

By Lynne

Is Congress crazy?

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Our current economic model is unsustainable. John McCain may have (initially) scoffed at the idea of pumping tires to save on gasoline costs, but there are so many common sense measures we need to implement --...

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Wasn't he supposed to be in Washington?

It's the economy, stupid

Five-on-five with Obama and McCain

It's been a pretty heavy past few days in the presidential race, so Amara, Bragg, Meg, Dan and Jeff give us their tongue-in-cheek take on five questions about Barack Obama and John McCain.

1) Which candidate would you rather have balance your checkbook?

2) Who would be more likely to win a staredown with Putin?

3) Biden’s plugs, Palin’s beehive. What does their hair...

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What we should be asking on Friday

By Jeff

While everyone is talking about Lehman, AIG, Paulson and Chris Dodd (by the way, two of the best blogs for keeping up on the Fed bailout are Megan McArdle at The Atlantic and Barry L. Ritholtz’s “The Big Picture”), it’s largely being ignored that there is a Presidential debate (scheduled!) on Friday.

Assuming it goes forth, it will be interesting to see what...

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Let's get real: McCain's 'suspension' of his campaign is just transparent political posturing

McCain is doing the right thing (oh, and it's actually Obama who's afraid to debate)

Bill Clinton on 'that little Down syndrome kid'

In New York on behalf of his global initiative, former President Bill Clinton mixed with reporters (an ill-advised combination) to again misrepresent himself.

According to The Associated Press, Clinton said he understands GOP vice presidential pick Sarah Palin's appeal because voters think:

"I like that little Down syndrome kid. One of them lives down the street. They're wonderful children....

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Campaign buttons for hipsters

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