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Sarah Palin rumors: Separating myth from reality

Et tu, Fred and Joe

The RNC: A quick summary so far

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— LaShawnda...

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GOP guvs don't deserve Gulf storm credit

By Dontre

Last night, as the Republicans kicked-off their version of stagecraft known as a national convention, there existed an overt sense of self-aggrandizement. Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, took to the stage reminding everyone that they should wear "American hats" instead of Republican hats, as they prepared for the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav in...

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I see how it works now.

McCain picked Sarah Palin because her lack of experience highlights Obama's relative lack of experience.

McCain picked Sarah Palin because her past membership with a political party advocating Alaskan secession will only remind voters of Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright.

McCain picked Sarah Palin because her extended (and growing!) brood means Obama...

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From a feminist's point of view ...

The Palin factor: An Independent's lament

Palin's daughter's pregnancy represents family values?

The announcement that VP pick Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant was made to address rumors that Palin had falsely claimed to have given birth to her fifth child. Whew.

Bristol's decision to keep the baby and married the father may be a demonstration of the party's strong family values. No?...

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