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And the angel opened the seventh seal

Joe the Plumber has signed with a PR firm and may record a country music album.

How many of your 15 minutes does that make, Joe?

— Meg Boyle...

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A humble Obama

God love him!

Humbleness becomes you, Sen. Obama. I've been properly reminded of my responsibility to maintain my focus in the last days of this momentous presidential race.

— LaShawnda Jones...

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Obama speaks to the country — on seven stations

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Barack Obama appeals to Americans for their vote via primetime television. (AP)

By Emily Ngo

Barack Obama held off normal programming Wednesday night to share the tales of five everyday Americans and summarize his plans for the country.

In a half-hour block of documentary-style television reminiscent of an Oprah Winfrey special, Obama — already ahead among early voters...

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Obama sign, Confederate flag, same lawn

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Stereotypes shattered in Martinsville, Ind. Seriously.

— Emily Ngo...

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Turning positives into negatives

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By LaShawnda Jones

I’ve never aspired to mediocrity. I know people who don’t care to do much with their lives, but then again they don’t think they’re missing out on much. I know people who are doing the best they can, but maybe to you they wouldn’t look like much. People live their lives as they are, not as we would have them be.

Never in the history of the...

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Wednesday Trail Mix

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Sarah Palin investigated on extravagant travel charges. Joe the Plumber aspires to be a country musician. This and more in Trail Mix. (AP)

SARAH faces ethics complaint on kids’ travel

A new ethics complaint against Sarah Palin accuses the vice presidential candidate of charging the state when her children traveled with her and alleges she used her official position for...

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Fact: No shortage of Obama shirts in Union Square

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Decisions, decisions: Sampling the Obama options in Union Square Park.

By Linnea Covington

Special to amNewYork

“Obama for yo mama.” “Barack’s How I Roll.” “Obaaaama for president.” “Bark for Obama.”

Even the dogs have gotten in on the Barack Obama frenzy that has swept through the T-shirt business catering to a new...

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Obama on primetime

Barack Obama's 30-minute primetime appearance Wednesday is expected to air on seven television channels and delay broadcast of the World Series by several minutes. We know he has the Benjis to afford such a presence, but what will he be saying?

Send Politirazzi your ideas.

Here's what SNL suggests:

And John McCain's "pre-rebuttal to the informerical," as Redstate calls...

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Open your eyes on Obama, people!

By Amara Birman

I, like many of my Republican compatriots, have all but given up on John McCain’s prospects of winning next Tuesday’s election. Pendulums swing, it’s the Democrats’ turn, yada yada, but this Barack Obama guy is a fraud and he is getting a free pass from the media and I am so tired of it being my responsibility to tell the truth.

But someone has to...

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Obama wants you to play hooky

Is it odd that the Obama campaign is asking supporters to blow off work and school on Nov. 4 to get out the vote? (For the record, I'll be working all day ... as I'm a political editor.) Both Barack Obama and John McCain want more bodies calling up potential voters and knocking on the doors of potential voters. It is quite a historical election, so one day off won't hurt ...


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