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Palin leaving her interview days behind her

Bragg: She started down the Gibson/Other Interview road there for a minute...seems to have recovered...Phew! (For now)...

Kimberly: Thank you, John McCain...

Lynne: I pretty much disagree with most of the McCain-Palin policies, but she's not doing too bad for someone who just got tossed into it five weeks ago. Biden RAN for president - twice, right?

Dontre: why doesn't he...

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Biden drags on too long

Kimberly: i think he needs to tighten up and collect his thoughts

Dontre: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

You never say you agree!!

Say that THEY agree with YOU!!!

Lynne: Biden just came really close to scoring a great point...but, oops, went on too long...

Bragg: Impossible to defend the tax break for Exxon, et. al.

Adrian: As a blue blooded American, I like what Sarah is saying...

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Both doing well enough

Bragg: No point. Just makes me laugh whenever I see it. (He actually recovered from it very well). I was only bringing it up because someone joked that he was drunk. Just a little levity.

Lynne: It's all about expectations. Palin's doing well - so it makes her performance seem that much better since expectations were so low

Dontre: I agree, Lynne

Lynne: Biden is also doing...

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Everyone makes gaffes


Dontre: And George Bush asked a blind man to take off his glasses.

what's your point?

Adrian: Stay on topic!

Dontre: they've all made gaffes

Kimberly: alaska, alaska, alaska

Dontre: McCain can't tell a Sunni and a Shi'ia'

don't go there....

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Biden hitting the sauce?

Kimberly: oh god!

he's drunk!

Bragg: "Stand up, Chuck! Let 'em see ya"!

Adrian: Wow, Biden looks angry

Lynne: The Couric interview was much more damagin

Dontre: One doesn't only reference those interviews, one looks at her speech, diction, the few things she HAS allowed the public to know. . .they all show her to have spotty judgment. And, while you may try to ignore...

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Jabs that hurt

Lynne: Uh-oh, Biden is getting too wonky, he just lost me.

Adrian: On a serious note, just as was predicted, Palin speaks to overarching general archetypes (tax cuts, good; America, good; families, good) and Biden is speaking as if he’s on the Senate floor… “Number 1…Number 2….” But, he is making great rebuttal points.

Dontre: GREAT!!!!

Bridge to...

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Sarah impresses ... some

Lynne: Sarah's clearly been studying hard

Emily: Cram session a success!

Lynne: I'm middle class, too!

Bragg: She is intelligent, folks . She has won statewide office.

Kimberly: ouch

freudian slip!

Dontre: she hasn't shown herself to be that intelligent...

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Meg's also bored

Meg: I'm sorry, when I hear Biden talk, I feel like I'm in college again and when I hear Palin talk I feel like I'm listening to someone who won a radio contest. I'm bored. Is that wrong?...

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Palin steps up where McCain hasn't

Bragg: the point she makes about small businesses and their tax burden under an obama administration is a key point that mccain has so far seemed unable (or unwilling) to make.

Dontre: She does a better job at making McCain's points....

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Biden woozy on the tax facts?

Bragg: isn't that untrue? won't EVERYONE'S capital gains taxes go up?

Dontre: Joe needs to step it up! Sarah is not only looking directly into the cameras, she is addressing "the American people," and they are the ones who votes! Joe, talk to them, not Gwen! The Republicans think they already know how she's going to vote....

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