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Poll: Palin hurting McCain

Palin's own worst enemy

By LaShawnda Jones

What was Sarah Palin thinking when she agreed to go on Saturday Night Live with the skits they had prepared for her appearance? The skits were hilarious to me. Very representative of how Gov. Palin represents herself.

Then again, I am not a fan of Gov. Palin’s. I was one of the millions and millions of people watching in order to see Tina Fey use Sarah...

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For the love of money

Late, but neccessary: Grading the final presidential debate

By Meg Boyle

(Better late than never, right? Right???)

Demerit: Joe the Plumber

STOP calling him Joe the Plumber! He’s a real person, not a character on Bob

the Builder.

Gold Star: Breaking News: Joe the Plumber in Bed

OK, that was kind of funny. You win this round, Keith Olbermann. But I’ll win the war.

Demerit (or Gold Star?): The...

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Sarah Palin: Before the $150K makeover ...

Plumbers, the Mac camp needs your help

Billionaire is latest to oppose Mayor Mike Bloomberg's term limits bill

Candidates pile up news nods

Politirazzi Hits the Streets: Debates

Joe Cameraman

I think the camera work was spot on for this debate. We could see Schaeffer's finger keeping the candidates under control. Good work, Joe Cameraman. I will not raise your taxes.

-- Curtis Dann-Messier...

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