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30 minutes in--McCain's still on talking points

By Dontre Conerly

Going into this debate, both McCain and Obama HAVE to step up to the plate and answer the questions in a manner that is not only general enough for ALL Americans, but with enough specifics that each and every one listening knows EXACTLY how their candidate (and their prospective candidate) will alleviate their economic worries and assuage the social ills of our country....

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Questions that should be asked tonight

By Jeff

The final debate is upon us. If you haven't made up your mind yet, I don't think tonight's debate will sway you one way or another. I expect a lot of “Obama is dangerous” and “McCain is George W. Bush” cross-talk loose on the facts and heavy on the gunpowder.

During the previous debates I've written a few questions for each candidate that I'd like to have...

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Poll: The world wants Obama

(Credit: Politirazzi)

(Reader's Digest)

By Emily

Judging by the overwhelming showing for Barack Obama at his July speech in Berlin, world citizens would likely elect the Democrat if they could. (Some John McCain zealots have even played up negative aspects of Obama’s international fandom, publicizing that Hamas has endorsed him for president.)

Reader’s Digest put numbers behind...

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Over too soon for political junkies

How heartbreakingly soon this election has come to an end. Yes, yes, there are three weeks ahead of us -- and one final presidential debate, but what are political junkies to do without their up-to-the-minute political scoops? Come November, what are we going to sneakily read on our work computers?

It's been a two-year process. First came the speculation over who would make a presidential...

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TJ previews the final debate

Speaking expert TJ Walker lends his talents:

— Emily...

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Obama advertises in video games

“Walk into the Forbidden Cave of Doom … approach the Dragon of Death … drink a healing potion … draw your sword and … Remember to Vote!”

Apparently, the Obama campaign has decided that one of their key demographics is the one made up solely of prepubescent boys and my ex-boyfriends.

Placing an Obama ad in a NASCAR game? That’s like taking a match to...

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Obama, McCain, Bush and open debates

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Obama has had his chance to speak to voters on the debate platform; other presidential candidates should as well. (AP)

By Lynne

Recent commentary on CNN claimed that Obama and McCain are not so far apart. The entire piece is worth a read, but here is an excerpt:

Capital punishment: Like Bush, Obama supports capital punishment. He spoke out in opposition to the recent...

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Vero Possumus

As a former Latin scholar (three years — nerd alert!), Maureen Dowd’s column in Sunday’s New York Times tickled me all sorts of pink. Wanted to share with my fellow Latin discipuli (I know you’re out there).

— Meg...

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Barack Obama kisses, Michelle Obama--laughs? Fumes?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, kisses Angela Zimmann as he campaigns in Holland, Ohio. (Jae C. Hong/AP / October 12, 2008)

This somewhat awkward photo of Obama greeting a voter in Ohio is either funny or weird, depending on your politics.

Wonder how long until it shows up in a McCain attack ad?!

Many, many, many more photos of Obama on the...

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The tipping point for John McCain

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Meg

I almost feel sorry for John McCain. His campaign, behind in the polls and eager to take the focus off of the economy, changed strategy this week and attempted to get Obama firmly in their crosshairs. The arteries targeted: Character. Trustworthiness. Judgment. Honesty. A lot of people I know got really angry about this; to that, I say: Character is always on the...

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