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Our last impressions

(Credit: Politirazzi)


Lynne: all in all, i think they both did well. i do wish to have heard a little more about each of them, and less about their respective presidential candidates

Dontre: Overall, I think Sarah stepped up to the bar and held her own. What's unfair is that she'll be judged favorably for being competent, when she should...

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Bring out the family

Emily: Do you all think these two sound a little TOO blue collar?

Lynne: oh, hey emily - what did YOU think?

Bragg: not right now

Kimberly: Biden got more blue collar as the night went on

Bragg: people want to hear politicians relate to them (or try to at least)

Dontre: The Republican dissenters can stuff it, there...

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Rehearsed, memorized, solid

Adrian: Calling a spade a spade is not going after someone. Asking someone what Supreme Court decisions they oppose and gettiing crickets in reply is not going after someone.

Dontre: Here is here memorized closing

Bragg: he'll have a memorized close as well

Dontre: let's see

more natural

not so rehearsed

Lynne: hello, it's a...

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No gaffes. A solid performance by Palin

Kimberly: hahaha. she hasn't found something to compromise on because they've always found a way to..... compromise?

Dontre: right!

I was JUST thinking that!

Kimberly: haha.. it was like when McCain last week was like "I don't want to disagree and.... debate?"

duh! you're in a debate!

Bragg: as this begins to wind...

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Taking on the 'maverick' title

Meg: Yes, Sarah, you are correct: John McCain needs to leave.

Lynne: Oh good, Biden is taking on the "maverick" issue

Dontre: good for him!

he needs to debunk that frivolous moniker

and now she's one, too. . .please!

I know a maverick, Governor, and McCain is NO maverick!

Lynne: Look UP

Bragg: i think...

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Tearing up as family talk escalates

Lynne: dude, Obama-Biden don't support gay marriage either.

"champ" -- say it ain't so, joe

Kimberly: hmmm, single parent stuff is interesting

Dontre: it's not about MARRIAGE, it's about RIGHTS

she said she's tolerant, dude

Lynne: these two crack me up.

Bragg: (that was his nickname growing up)


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On their Achilles heels

Kimberly: you lack discipline! - arnold

ala Kindergarten Cop

Lynne: Wow- the job interview question: what is your biggest weakness.

Bragg: that's pretty speculative, dontre...with all due respect...

Dontre: that's why I said ALLEGEDLY

Adrian: I don't think Palin understood the...

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No 9/11 talk

Kimberly: i'd like to point out they have not mentioned 9/11 once (or a veiled reference)

Adrian: She's rambling again...

Lynne: That's right - Cheney SHOT someone

Dontre: IN THE FACE!

Adrian: Did Palin' own a lemonade stand?

Dontre: no, a snowmobile company with her husband

Bragg: she...

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Off-target on education

Lynne: Children of special needs ARE part of the eduction discussion, Joe.

Dontre: I think it's interesting that she's more popular than the man who heads the ticket.

Adrian: So much for fear of them getting a second job!

Lynne: Wait...I thought he wanted to talk about education.

Kimberly: ha

Dontre: No, they're...

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You're not THAT funny, vice presidential candidates

Dontre: Are you serious? He moves through the line faster. . he's a Senator!

He takes Amtrak. . McCain flies!

Bragg: An Everyman on the Trail

Dontre: which is better?

Lynne: Any parent with a 3rd grader (or 2nd or 4th) is probably liking the shout out

Adrian: I'm glad the VP candidates are poor comedians....

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