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Palin can play humor card, just like the Politirazzi

Meg: Oh, wow, can she stop flirting with the camera? I'm sorry, I find it incredibly insulting.

Dontre: That Brita bit was funny.

Adrian: Brita = best comment tonight.

Dontre: Her reward is in heaven?


Emily: She sounds like the Church Lady.


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Who's more middle class?

Dontre: So was the stupid assertion: John McCain knows how to win a war!

There it is! The BUSH DOCTRINE.

Adrian: Ahh

Dontre: Oh, now they've multiplied

Dontre: a TEAM of mavericks.

Emily: Whenever anyone says Main Street now, I lose it.

Dontre: Isn't Wasilla Alaska's drug capital?

Adrian: Palin: please don't remind people you were, just two...

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The dreaded Grim Reaper question

Dontre: Had McCain won a war that I missed?

Kimberly: tomorrow morning? they're doing due diligence now

Adrian: What war has John McCain won?

Kimberly: here comes the death question

Dontre: I kinda agree with someone: "He got caught, so he's not THAT good of a soldier."

Emily: I heart Ifill's questions.

Lynne: Oh, dont go there


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Darfur in the ring

Lynne: I'm glad Darfur was included in this debate. I don't think it got asked in the first debate.

Dontre: I didn't think it was even up for discussion.

Adrian: Palin can only speak in gross generalities that really don't mean anything

Dontre: yeah, but it's placates.

it's like religion...

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Funding for Iraq or Afghanistan?

Lynne: So...we'll spend MORE money in Afghanistan. Gee, aren't we trillions in debt?

Dontre: We save money when we leave Iraq.

Bragg: biden is doing a GREAT job of being combative but not looking like a bully. it's a fine line for a male politician to walk when debating a female politician. (ask rick lazio). his temperament and tone are pretty much spot-on in that regard.


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Joe skilled at repetition tactic

Dontre: I like Joe!!

He tells it like it is and debunks on the spot!

Bragg: (sometimes he tells it like it was)! :)

Kimberly: i like how he uses repetition effectively

he knows we space out at times

Dontre: this is true, Kimberly

Bragg: agreed. effective repetition.

Lynne: One of the things Obama is so good at is his sense of rhythm...

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Don't forget to annunciate

Dontre: I hate that they've co-opted Obama's message and that Biden can just stand there and let is be

Lynne: Oh, please. Like Obama was the first politician to talk about "change"

Dontre: "All administrations make mistakes". . .yeah, but not as large as George Bush's

yeah, Kennedy did, too

so did Clinton

starting to get it?

Kimberly: does she also say...

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Palin on target, so are Biden's teeth

Bragg: she's showing a confidence and a self-assurance that has been lacking in her interviews. it helps her immensely.

Dontre: She's trying to turn it around! Get her, Joe!

Adrian: Panlin still sounds like a Barbie doll who speaks when you pull her string....

Dontre: This part loses points with the country. 68% of them don't know where Iran and Iraq are.



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The Politirazzi enjoy Spain, but don't know why the candidates are bringing it up

Lynne: Women's rights!

Dontre: What is THAT about?

I really need to know!

What's wrong with Spain?

Bragg: first i've heard of that

Lynne: Biden was doing well, except sending a high-ranking official ISN'T the same as the president going himself

Dontre: I used to live in Spain, it's wonderful.

Adrian: I ran with the bulls this year in Pamplona


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Religion and diplomacy

Adrian: Speaking of religious extremists – I want to throw in a shameless plug. Go see Bill Maher’s Religulous.

Kimberly: :)

Bragg: she didn't say she'd meet with ahmandinejad with no preconditions...obama did.

Emily: Ahhh! Spending stereotypes!

Dontre: It's no preconditions, it's DIPLOMACY

Kimberly: hahahahaa

Dontre: it's not ignoring people


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