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Showing off foreign policy expertise

Kimberly: boo ya, Biden!

Emily: Grrr! A madrassa IS a school!

Adrian: I am with several other law students and we some in this room (present writer excluded) are playing a drinking game. The rule is everytime John McCain or Barack Obama's names are mentioned, drink. People are getting pretty drunk.

Emily: What are you drinking? I want some.


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Sticking to what their coaches taught them

Lynne: Biden is hitting his stride!

Kimberly: yes!

Dontre: Say it with me, Barck Obama is right, John McCain is wrong!

Bragg: i'm not sure you want to go into misstatements, joe...there's a litany of yours out there

Lynne: Pakistan, what about Afghanistan?!?!

Emily: They're both doing a great job of sticking to talking about the presidential candidates.


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Palin pulls one out of her pocket, does well

Meg: Wow, every time Obama or Biden speak, that surplus in Iraq grows like the Christmas tree in the Nutcracker.

Dontre: he's learning. look into the camera


Lynne: Obama-Biden will end the war in Iraq in 16 months...but will shift the troops to Afghanistan.

Bragg: that is a LIE. john mccain does want to end the war. that is a blatant mischaracterization of mccain's...

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Biden, Palin 'agree' on gay marriage?

Kimberly: her family is diverse.... they have men, women, brunettes, and blondes

"straight up!"



Bragg: avoiding nuance isn't biden's stongsuit


Dontre: specificity doesn't work for either

Go Gwen!!!!


Kimberly: ding ding... round 2!

Adrian: See, Biden can use big words and phrases, like...

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Gays and geography

Dontre: Yeah for the GAYS!!!!

Adrian: Biden just lost the South for Barack

Wait, that's an oxymoron.....

Lynne: Barr, Nader, Baldwin and McKinney - they all meet the threshold of being on enough ballots that total more than 270 electoral college votes

Dontre: Dems lost them in 2004, when Kerry said he would support gay marriage.

Bragg: i think that's quite...

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Got Biden on the rope line comment. Got him

Bragg: she's got him on that one -- he did say that in a rope line

Adrian: "Drill baby drill?" Really. I mean, sure that's a good idea. But, I don't think I want the person a "heartbeat" away from being president to speak like that!

Lynne: I would have LOVED to have seen the different third party candidates act as moderators - how much fun would that have been!


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Drilling, milkshake style

Lynne: What exactly is 'safe nuclear'?


Kimberly: i drink your milkshake!

Emily: So far, Biden is doing a great job at not being sexist-seeming. Gwen lays it down!

Dontre: Republicans can play in traffic, Gwen is GREAT!!

Kimberly: drill, baby, drill = the new t-shirt featuring Palin's face

Dontre: What does that mean!


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Sarah rambles on the environment

Kimberly: "all of the above" approach?

Lynne: if "we" have ot reduce emissions, doesn't that imply that "we" - as humans - have an impact?

Dontre: what does that mean? SPECIFY!

Emily: She's so nervous, you can tell.

Adrian: Sarah, “I don’t want to argue about the causes of climate change…..” I totally lost you, you started rambling. You’re...

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Can't plagarize your climate change views

Dontre: plagiarism?

Bragg: Actually, she probably does know quite a bit about the credit market because she is probably the closest of the four candidates to actually being a member of the middle class.

Kimberly: paraphrasing= he's looking old like he doesn't remember

Adrian: Sarah Palin has 414,905 Facebook Friends. Jo Biden has no facebook page.

Lynne: Biden...

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Real Politirazzi don't paraphrase

Meg: What's interesting to me is that Biden is attacking McCain and defending Obama and Palin is attacking Obama...and defending Palin.

Dontre: paraphrasing=clarifying


Lynne: paraphrasing - covering his ass so he can avoid a plagiarism charge...

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