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Bloomberg and Thompson clash in final debate

In their final debate before next week’s election, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city Comptroller Bill Thompson tussled over taxes, education and the new Yankee Stadium Tuesday night night.

Neither man landed a knock-out punch, though there were several barbed exchanges: Thompson twice accused Bloomberg of lying, while the mayor insisted his opponent would...

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After much speculation, Quinn backs Thompson

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whose aggressive role in helping overturn the city’s term-limits law put her at odds with mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, endorsed her fellow Democrat Monday.   For months, Quinn had steadfastly refused to say whom she was supporting, and her close relationship with Mayor Michael Bloomberg fueled speculation she would sit out the race.  ...

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Senate committee to probe Monserrate case


Senate Democrats Tuesday said they will form a committee to consider disciplining embattled Sen. Hiram Monserrate, raising the specter of another political battle in the fractious, closely divided chamber. “It’s a mess,” said Helen Desfosses, a professor of public policy at the state University at Albany. “The Senate needs this like a hole in the head.”...

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Thompson's response on gay rights riles activists

A lightning-round question during Tuesday night’s face-off between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and challenger Bill Thompson has ignited a stormy debate among gay rights activists. Asked whether they believe President Barack Obama has done enough for gay rights, Bloomberg answered “no.” Thompson, the city comptroller and Democratic mayoral candidate, hesitated, sighed that Obama had...

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For Thompson, debate is chance to go on offense


For city Comptroller Bill Thompson, outspent and trailing in the polls, the best strategy for Tuesday's mayoral debate may be to knock Mayor Michael Bloomberg out of his comfort zone, experts said.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg, who portrays himself as a good manager with a steady hand, will likely adopt the so-called Rose Garden strategy: Statesmanlike and above the fray....

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Is there an election? Many snooze through campaign

 There’s been lots of noise, but is anybody listening?

As the mayoral campaign between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city Comptroller Bill Thompson heads into the home stretch, the candidates are battling not just one another but a seemingly tuned-out electorate, as New Yorkers greet the campaign with a collective yawn.

“People are not engaged,”...

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Get ready for Mayor Monty: cartoon's 'campaign' kicks into gear


Looking for a billionaire to support for mayor other than Michael Bloomberg?

Two New York artists will be pushing their satirical campaign for Monty Burns — the fictional power plant owner on “The Simpsons” — Saturday in Union Square.

“We’re trying to poke fun at an election that is already a joke,” said Kenny...

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