Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

$100+ for Wednesday's history-marking NYT?

Hope, and some skepticism, in NYC about Obama

Obama win could open other doors for minorities

Political junkies, aren't you sick of hearing ...

Because people DO care what the 'first dog' is

Winners and losers of the election season

Obama love on NYC transit

On my commute to work this morning, the C train conductor: "On behalf of the MTA and New York City Transit, we'd like to congratulate president-elect Obama and his family."

The whole subway car broke out into applause.

— Emily Hulme...

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Apathy is Dead

I’ve seen a lot of people walking around with newspapers today. My co-worker bought a copy of every paper she could because she wants to save them for her grandkids. There’s a good vibe in New York today.

— Meg Boyle...

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Obama wins

A good night

Hooray for small victories! I'm home in NJ tonight and I've convinced my parents to switch away from the hysteria on MSNBC. If you knew my parents, you'd know how big this is; MSNBC is on near constantly in the Boyle Abode.

I'm stricken with an ear infection so I played the invalid card. Still works!

We compromised on plain old NBC (direct quote from my mother: "If the world ends, I'd...

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