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Gridlock We Can Believe In: Living history

We're in a good spot. I can see the Capitol and the Jumbotron. It's cold, kids.

Just picked up a voicemail message from my friend Sarah: "Enjoy living history. Not witnessing but actually living it."

It's good to be here.

— MB...

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New era begins with 44th president Barack Obama

Gridlock We Can Believe In: This Is Gonna Suck

Rise and shine! I'm wearing, oh, about 25 layers of clothing in preparation for the four mile walk to the Mall (yes, four). I've already received two text messages about the weather and congestion. Subtext of each: You've gotta be crazy to do this.

— Meg Boyle...

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Gridlock We Can Believe In: Maneuvering the inauguration

Right now, three of us are huddled around Jenny and her laptop, trying to figure out the best way to get to the inauguration on foot Tuesday. It's like an episode of CSI ("Zoom in on that, please?" "But if you look at it from this angle ...")

I signed up for helpful hints via text message (too funny to pass up), and apparently Obama thinks we should approach from the south. I guess he knows...

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Gridlock We Can Believe In: Meg Hearts D.C.

I have such a crush on the D.C. Metro system. It's so user-friendly. And I always get a seat. And it's so clean! I mean, carpet!

The museums are closed Tuesday so I decided to slap the Smithsonian around a couple of times Monday. We did Air and Space, the Hirchhorn, the Freer and the Portrait Gallery. And boy, are my feet tired. You couldn't get anywhere near the American History and the Archives...

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Gridlock We Can Believe In: Manifesting Hope

Rahm-bo's shocker

Eight years of Dubya: From the recount to Iraq

Gridlock we can believe in: Meg goes to the Inaugaration

Hillary (somewhat) in the hot seat