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Grading the election

By Meg Boyle

Because it's never too late to reminisce.

Grading the Election

(Yes! The Whole Thing!)

Demerit: Super Delegates

Go ahead, America, vote your conscience. If we don’t agree with you, we can just hand the nomination to another candidate. After all, we know better than you do about these things. We’re Democrats.

Gold Star: Huckabee Plays the...

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Giuliani looking to make a comeback?

By Jason Fink

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani may now have his sights set on Albany and is also not discounting a second shot at the White House.

With the state Republican party badly wounded following this month’s Democratic landslide, the hard-charging former two-term mayor is emerging as the favorite to lead the GOP back to power as a candidate for governor in 2010.


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Unbelievable what you'll (I'll) believe

There were enough dirty rumors floating around this election season to last Politirazzi several lifetimes. Though no one was gullible enough to believe them all, some were pretty ... believable. In the vein of Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd" spinoff that lured paparazzi with faux celebrity news, the New York Times has uncovered a faux blogger.

He's the one who sparked the Palin-doesn't-know-Africa-is-a-continent...

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Change that Obama font

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Thanks to clever marketing, President-elect Barack Obama's signature logo and slogans will be recognizable for generations to come. The font used in his "Change" and "Hope" signs is Gotham, a typeface that has exploded in popularity. It's now even more widely used in non-political fields.

Rocdove has come up with an Obama graphic generator, and though, the application has seen some technical...

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Palin facing media to save face?

By Emily Ngo

Just one week after Election Day, Sarah Palin is reversing course on something she was criticized for: not granting media interviews.

The former GOP vice presidential nominee spoke with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Monday and NBC’s “Today” host Matt Lauer Tuesday and is scheduled to appear with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Wednesday.

“I think the economic...

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Disappointed in leak of Bush, Obama talk

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Bragg Van Antwerp

Like many, I watched with interest Monday as President-elect Obama visited President Bush at the White House.

While watching the video and seeing the pictures of Bush and Obama, I was sincerely moved. Sometimes the beauty of our democracy is apparent when I would least expect it, and Monday was a wonderful example of so much of what makes...

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A site to meet others as obsessed with politics as you

For those of you suffering election withdrawal, here's what appears to be a political social networking site to find others in the same position. Politics 4 All covers much of the presidential race, but hosts discussions about local politics as well. Just a reminder that there's more to politics than the presidential election.

And if you're just in need of a laugh:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive...

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For political junkies, now is the withdrawal

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Does your living room look like this? (AP)

By Jason Fink

For those New Yorkers whose ideal Friday night date has become MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her wry smirk, or were riveted when John King worked his magic on CNN’s slick wall-mounted electoral map, the end of the election means one thing: Campaign withdrawal.

Though millions across the city cheered and danced in the...

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In New Delhi, New Yorkers savor win

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Expats watch the returns at the swank coffee shop Choka La in south Delhi. Below, a girl shows her U.S. pride. (Mary Bowers)

By Kristen V. Brown

Special to amNewYork

Tucked away on a dusty side street of a deserted New Delhi shopping center, 100 or so Obama fans crammed into a small coffee house, eyes fixed firmly on CNN reporters as the West Coast polls neared closing.


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Did Michelle dress like a mess?

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Julie Gordon

Michelle Obama’s red-and-black election night frock may have inched her further away from her burgeoning Jackie O. style status — and closer into Mrs. O. No territory.

The future first lady — who has been praised in the past for her sophisticated, figure-flattering (and often affordable) choices — wore a Narciso Rodriguez dress...

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