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Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II Ear Force Tango

Earforce Tango Programmable Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Earforce Tango Programmable Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset (Credit: turtlebeach.com)

If you’re looking for a casual gamer’s headset this isn’t the product for you. You can save yourself a bunch of dough by opting for one of Logitech’s many amazing headsets. I’ve used several of them and they all work efficiently for the novice gamer.

But for hard-core gamers who eat, sleep and breathe headshots, and are willing to pay for that added experience, the Black Ops II Ear Force Tango is a game-changer.

There are a couple things that are important when you're ready to drop a decent amount of coin on a hard-core headset. First is comfort. Most headsets begin to hurt after the first hour or so. You want a headset that fits snugly; it can’t squeeze too tight, but must maintain its elasticity so that it doesn’t constantly fall off. Turtle Beach definitely kept this in mind when it created the Black Ops Ear Force Tango set. After some thorough testing over many countless hours of Black Ops multiplayer and Halo 4, I can report that the comfort factor is definitely there. The memory foam ear pads are firm, but soft enough not to irritate your ears. Plus, the top over the head pad keeps the set snug but not overbearing.

So they pass the comfort test. But what about the sound check, you ask. If you're a spec person you’ll enjoy the 50mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets that crank out a superb range of sound. Every crack of gunfire and explosion comes off super crisp. The set includes Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound for a full on 360-degree audio experience. In a nutshell, these bad boys sound amazing; and with the dual volume controls for audio and voice you can fine tune the relative amount of chatter versus straight up action you get pumped into your ears.

The third make-or-break component for headsets is their wireless compatibility. It’s 2012, so we should be able to accomplish that fairly easily. Turtle Beach definitely delivers with a well thought out Bluetooth pairing system. All you’ll need is to plug in a little adapter to your controller and you're pretty much ready to go. The pairing is a snap. One button on the headset another on the adapter push and it pairs with ease -- unlike some Bluetooth systems we’ve encountered.

Finally, the design of the headset is not for the meek. The Black Ops black and orange branding is loud but it definitely works. The mic is super flexible, which is a huge plus for adjusting the distance from your mouth for soft and loud talkers alike. A few other features this thing knocks out of the park: a rechargeable battery promising eight hours of gameplay, voice morphing, Xbox and PS3 compatibility, 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi wireless technology and tons of audio presets. (You can get a full list of the specs here.)

Bottom line, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line gaming headset, this puppy is an epic load-out. With amazing sound, superb comfort and cool styling, this is a Call of Duty: Block Ops II fanatic’s dream come true. At $299.95 it’s pretty steep, but you get what you pay for. 

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