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Smart camera buying tips

The Polaroid iM1836 is the brand's first smart

(Credit: Polaroid)

With summer's arrival you might be thinking about sharing vacation photos. To aid in that process, many camera manufcaturers have begun selling cameras that connect to WiFi and mobile devices. Learn more about these devices here, and check below for tips from camera executives on what to look for as you shop for these new devices. 

1) Make sure it has the camera features you want.


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The Last of Us is early contender for best video game of 2013

In "The Last of Us," players guide survivors

(Credit: Naughty Dog)

Joel, a ragged survivor in a post-apocalyptic version of Boston, hugs the wall as a horribly mutated human growls and snarls just feet away from him. Carefully, he tosses a brick to distract the creature and sneaks around it, clambering away as the monster’s pained screams fade off into the distance. This is a typical encounter in “The Last of Us,” a game that makes the player feel vulnerable and...

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2013 E3: The most anticipated games

The teaser trailer for XBox One's forthcoming Halo

(Credit: AP)

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) kicked off June 11 in Los Angeles and runs through June 13. The event brings together the biggest names in video game development and offers them a grand stage to unveil their latest, greatest titles. 

Click below for our ongoing list of the hottest games displayed during the conference. We'll continue to update it as more games are announced.


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Fuse game review: Fun with friends but short on new ideas

Fuse allows the player to leap instantly between

(Credit: Insomniac Games)

After cutting through a ceiling grate, stealth assassin Naya activates her camouflage mode and silently takes out two armed guards before her squad mates burst into the room and the bullets start flying in full force. Squad leader Dalton Brooks activates his Magshield and the team gets behind him as enemy shots ping uselessly against the shimmering green force field.

After finding cover, tech-wiz...

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