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iPad Air unveiled by Apple with new iPad Mini, Macbooks and Macs

Apple's new iPad Air, left, and iPad Mini

(Credit: AFP / Getty Images)

Apple didn't disappoint at its media event today in San Francisco. Not only did it unveil the expected thinner iPad and iPad Mini with Retina display, but it also showed off new Mac Pro desktops, Macbook Pro laptops, a computer operating system and updates to its iWork and iLife apps.

The new iPad shed 0.4 pounds in weight (to 1-pound flat) and 1.9 mm in thickness (to 7.5 mm) from previous...

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GTA Online fans enraged over PS3, Xbox software issues

This screenshot shows play during the Grand Theft

(Credit: Rockstar Games)

Since the Sept. 17 release of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, millions of gamers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of  Grand Theft Auto Online, a massive multiplayer online game bundled with the main game that debuted Oct. 2. But excitement has quickly given way to disappointment because the game was riddled with malfunctions. As a result, the game's developer, Rockstar, has become...

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Amazon, Facebook join Tel Aviv's flourishing tech scene

Downtown Tel Aviv, where in 2013 technology seems

(Credit: AP, 2004)

Forget the newest, largest cellphone display or Apple's latest hire, this week's most significant tech news may be the office plans publicized by two of the world's largest technology firms. On successive days both Amazon and Facebook announced they were planting flags in Tel Aviv. Facebook will operate an office through its $100 million purchase of mobile analytics firm Onava. Meanwhile, Amazon...

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iPhone Siri voice identity revealed to be Susan Bennett

Siri, the virtual assistant, is displayed on the

(Credit: AP)

Few things remain private for long in the age of smartphones and Google, but perhaps Apple was on to something in refusing to put a face to the voice iPhone users have come to know and love. When it comes to Siri, maybe ignorance truly is bliss. But CNN stumbled upon the true identity of Siri. (Stop reading here if you'd prefer to keep on imagining the voice as one emanating from a futuristic robot.)...

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