A decade ago, Alex Rodriguez was a baby-faced wannabe megastar burdened with the championship dreams of the Yankees and their rabid fans.

That was before the soap opera plot turns, epic triumphs at bat, sensational collapses in postseason and doping drama that have made A-Rod into the most compelling — and distracting — story in New York baseball.

In 2004, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner bet that the jaw-dropping talent of the 28-year-old would bring glory to the Yankees. They probably didn't figure on the colorful and often unseemly press that would follow their star player, leading some commentators to wonder whether the cost of A-Rod's contract was worth it for both the Bronx Bombers and baseball itself.

Here is a timeline of Rodriguez's career with the Yankees, from his arrival to the unprecedented decision by Major League Baseball to suspend him for the entire 2014 season.