Hakeem Nicks on Victor Cruz: 'He still loves this team'

Victor Cruz is congratulated by teammate Hakeem Nicks

Victor Cruz is congratulated by teammate Hakeem Nicks of the Giants after Cruz scored the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter of a game against the Washington Redskins. (Oct. 21, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Hakeem Nicks represented the return of only 50 percent of the Giants’ starting wide receiver duo. The other half, Victor Cruz, is still at large. Cruz, a restricted free agent, has not signed his tender offer from the team and is negotiating a long-term deal with the Giants. Because he is not technically under contract, the Giants cannot fine him for missing these mandatory workouts.

Nicks said he has spoken to Cruz who, unlike Nicks, is clearly not with the Giants due to a contractual situation.

“He’s doing good, his mind is in the right spot,” Nicks said. “He understands the business side of it, he understands the game as well. He still loves this team. He still wants to be here.”

Nicks said he and Cruz talk, but not about what the rest of us want them to be talking about: their contracts and how they will intertwine in the grand scheme of the Giants’ salary cap situation for the next few years.

“That’s his own situation so we don’t really touch on that,” Nicks said. “It’s just a matter of ‘What’s up bro, how you doin’? How’s the family doin’?’ Stuff like that. There’s nothing business-related when we talk.”

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