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'Bachelor' secrets spilled

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By Julie Gordon

“Bachelor” Jason Mesnick blamed his contract with ABC for mandating his on-camera breakup with Melissa Rycroft — but the show’s executive producer said that wasn’t the case.

“There was no contractual obligation. How would you put that in a contract anyways? Like, ‘Anything you do with your life must be shown on ABC?’” said “Bachelor” creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss.

Six weeks after Jason proposed to Melissa on the pre-taped season finale, he broke off their engagement because he was still in love with runner-up Molly Malaney. Jason and Molly are now dating.

“I was with the couple last night,” Fleiss said from California Wednesday. “[Jason] kept telling me, ‘What was I going to do? I was in love.’”

'The Bachelorette' toss-up

The Jason-Molly-Melissa love triangle was so heated that Fleiss wanted either woman to star in the upcoming “Bachelorette,” which premieres May 18 with former

“Bachelor” contestant Jillian Harris.

“First I tried to talk Molly into doing it when Jason was with Melissa,” Fleiss said. “But she was still a little upset about Jason and she didn’t feel like she could commit. She was just starting to come around ... when this thing happened with Jason.”

Melissa released this statement regarding “The Bachelorette”: “As wonderful of an experience as ‘The Bachelorette’ would be, I think it’s time for me to move on from my television days, and see what my future holds back in Dallas.”

arris is a 29-year-old interior designer from Canada.

"Well, Melissa didn’t want to do it, Molly became the one he chose, so Jillian was the next fan favorite," Fleiss said.

Producer: It's real!

Despite talk that “The Bachelor” star Jason Mesnick’s decision to swap bachelorette choices was staged, the executive producer of the show said nothing was set up.

“We’ve never done that and we will never do that,” Fleiss said.

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